Top Helpful trailer tips for Beginners

Below you will find useful tips for renting a trailer. This way you can travel safely and responsibly with a A Mobile Maintenance trailer. Would you like more information? Then click on the following link: Trailer repair shop

  • Pay attention !!! Max. speed 90 km / hour
  • If you rent several days, ask for a night lock, so that you can lock the trailer to your car!
  • Ask for a lock if you go shopping and have to leave the trailer outside unattended!
  • Do not forget to attach the steel cable and turn the nose wheel up.
  • Load the heaviest objects on the bottom of the trailer.
  • Load 60% of the weight in the front of the trailer. (At the towbar)
  • Ask for lashing straps, secure your load so that you prevent the load from sliding and damage.
  • Borrow a hand truck to move heavy items such as washing machines and cupboards.
  • Request a ramp and wheelbarrow to save time and back pain, so you can keep track of your garden more easily.
  • Check your connection plug to the car in advance, so you can be sure that it works when you connect a A Mobile Maintenance trailer and that the lights will work. You can search Diesel shops near me

Useful tips for renting a trailer

Some useful tips to rent a trailer are that you can enjoy many extras for a favorable rate. For example, you can rent moving blankets at a competitive rate, which prevents your belongings from being damaged during transport. Or if you are going to move, you can rent a hand truck with it, which is always useful if you are going to transport a dryer or washing machine, for example. We also have lashing straps for rent. For example, the load is secured on the trailer, which improves safety during transport, and your cupboard or washing machine will not be damaged by sliding during transport. If you are going to work in the garden, we have a ramp and wheelbarrow for you, so you don't have to empty the wheelbarrow again. This saves time and unnecessary back pain.

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